Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Save More, Save Less

Shown to the left is a picture of the unfinished Save More building located at T. Claudio St. Morong, Rizal.

The construction of the building has come under fire from local market dealers for some time now. They fear that the commercial building will force them to shut down their stalls at the local market, as Save More’s products and other goods might be sold at lower prices.

Some local consumers, on the other hand, do not mind if the commercial building poses a threat to the livelihood of MorongueƱos. They point out that market prices are too high, and that competition from Save More may pressure market vendors to match prices, meaning consumers could get to save on expenses.

For some time, the building’s construction was delayed because the building’s contractors (if I can recall correctly) violated the zoning permit given by the municipal hall. Also, what seemed to be an extension of the building was being built, without a proper permit (refer to second picture).

I’ve also heard that Save More was a sister company of SM – owned by Henry Sy, though I still have to verify that.

Recently, construction workers have begun to increase and a makeshift road was made for construction equipments and trucks to enter, revealing the enormity of the building. With the people of Morong divided over the issue, there seems to be no stopping Save More from constructing a commercial building at the center of town.

Time will tell whether Save More is a blessing or a curse. If it turns out to be the latter, only then will MorongueƱos act. The townspeople don’t seem to be that progressive anymore, despite playing a big part in the revolt against the Spanish occupation, but that’s another story that’ll have to wait.

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