Friday, 30 March 2007

More and Less

Below is the intended editorial for the March ’07 issue of the Voice. Unfortunately, it did not see the light of day, as the publication’s advisers decided to “kill” it. I am publishing it here, for fellow students to read. Kudos to him who advised me to post this, far from the censorship that governs the publication.

More and Less*

Last February 16, a consultation was held between the school administration, TIPTEO, TIPAA and SSG in order to discuss the proposed tuition and other fee increases (ToFI) for the next school year. Unfortunately, the students – the school’s most significant asset – seemed to be clueless about the effects of the consultation, much more the proposed fee increases.

The ToFI, according to the school administration, would help the campus in its bid for excellence, taking into consideration that for the past two years, TIP absorbed some of the costs of improving facilities. They also added that the school’s rates for teachers are no longer competitive, and that ToFI would result in a lump sum for the employees.

Students, on the other hand, might find themselves hard up to pay their tuition and miscellaneous fees next year. They could choose to transfer to state colleges and universities where the fees are cheaper compared to that of private schools.

In this manner, ToFI resembles a double-edged blade: it could improve the school’s facilities, among others, yet it could also diminish the number of students.

The Voice believes that the administration should make clear to the students as to where their money is being used. The various fees should be explained to them, preferably during freshmen orientations and department assemblies.

Posters could also be put up on bulletin boards disclosing the details of each fee, so that the students would no longer be clueless as to what such fees are intended for.

Furthermore, student leaders, particularly the Supreme Student Government (SSG), should regularly hold forums to tackle issues concerning the students. As the student council, it is their duty to lead in initiating actions regarding such issues.

The school has to endure in order to achieve its mission and vision. However, the student’s survival is also equally – if not more – important, for the school to even survive.

*I firmly believe that an educational institution exists for and because of the students. However, it is revolting that there are schools which do not seem to care for its students, only the money they get from them.

I will post an article regarding ToFI soon, for those unacquainted with it.

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